Un-physics 1

It’s occurred to me that my fusion of physics, media and music is missing one essential ingredient…physics! (And I call myself a physicist!)

I’ve seen many physics untruths used for effect; many are funny, but some are sillier than average…though still funny. On Twitter recently, Caitlin Moran, Times columnist and broadcaster, asked a Tweeter to imagine replacing all the atoms in one’s body with a 7″ vinyl of a particular band the Tweeter was promoting. Worryingly, I couldn’t resist a quick scour of the web for some numbers:

– There are approx. 7 × 10^27 atoms in the human body (it’s a lot…that’s 7,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 atoms!)

– The average 7″ vinyl weighs around 180 grams, and is around 1 mm thick.

This means the (unfortunate) person who suddenly has every atom in their body replaced with a 7″ vinyl record would become 200 times as heavy as Planet Earth! I also worked out that if you stacked these records in a pile, it would be so tall that it would reach over 100 times the distance to our nearest galaxy, Andromeda. It’s not even real physics, it’s un-physics, but still makes you go ‘wow’ (well, it makes me go ‘wow’ anyway…)

More un-physics soon!


About Jamie Nemeth

Physicist, fiddler/violinist and radio presenter, who dabbles in blogs and graphic design...

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